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Denise the Superstar
I've been way too busy lately. But, I decided to take time out of my busy schedule to post some pictures! Ethan went to prom and my mom shot a "single and fabulous" session of me and Tana! Here are the highlights!

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Denise the Superstar
23 March 2009 @ 10:24 pm
So, I made it through the day today. I had my doubts this morning on whether or not I'd be able to... It was a busy day. But, here I am in my pj's and in bed (where I've been every time I've updated my lj since I got one this time. haha) another day finished. This morning was sad. One of my best friends since middle school lost his mother this weekend, the funeral was today. My heart goes out to him and the rest of his family.

Spring break didn't last nearly as long as it should've. I had these honorable plans of catching up on homework and getting ahead... etc etc etc... Yeah, didn't happen. Maybe I haven't grown up as much as I get credit for. ;) No, I neglected the homework to instead do absolutely nothing... at all. (This includes updating my lj apparently.) I did get to see my "niece" again last week. She's too adorable for words! I love that little girl!

Well, for tonight, the 3.5 hrs of sleep from last night has caught up with me, so goodnight.

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Denise the Superstar
15 March 2009 @ 11:31 pm
Church was too amazing for words today. I've realized that there are some things that I've got to let go of. But, that's another story for another time.
I was so glad that I got to be able to spend time with Mama and Ethan today. We didn't do a lot... Ethan and I had to go to Santanna's (my room mate's) work to get her keys... Because I locked mine in my apartment.  Then we went shopping! Eh, good times.
I had my first sign team practice in awhile this afternoon. It's going to be so awesome when we're done! We're doing "Holy Thou Art God" and it's SUCH a good song. I've got skills. I wish you could see it. ^.^
I'm so tired. I'm glad Spring Break is here. Of course, I'll probably just do homework. Growing up. Blaaah.
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Denise the Superstar
I've spent most of the morning cleaning my room.. again. It's really sad to think of the amount of mess I've accumulated in the 2 and a half months I've lived in my apartment. But, it's going to be fabulous when I'm done with it. You just wait and see. I SHOULD be getting my camera charger out of storage tomorrow, so I can start posting pictures you can realize that... My life is just as boring as it sounds. Haha. I'm hoping I haven't lost my memory card. Sucks.
I love Easter candy more than any other kind of candy... ever. Which, that means it's great that Easter's coming, but not so great when you're trying to lose weight.
Work tonight from 5 till 9:30. Getting ready for a peachy-keen great time.

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Denise the Superstar
12 March 2009 @ 05:58 pm
So, I'm sitting in my room with Tana. She's watching youtube videos... and here I am. I went to advisement today at school and the next two semesters are going to work out perfectly for me... to graduate a semester late, but I'm not going to let it bother me. I'd rather take it slow and not be going crazy with stress at this point I think.
I can't help but be pleased whenever I realize that the ability to make stuff up that I aquired on the debate team is still having benefits. Take my education midterm for instance, I had eight pages of stuff that I made up and I got FULL CREDIT on that mess. I talked to a girl that had eleven typed pages and she got a B. See? It's a beautiful thing.
More exciting news, my room is clean(er). :D
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Denise the Superstar
10 March 2009 @ 05:16 pm
So, I woke up yesterday morning with no voice. I've been coughing way too much, etc etc. I went to the student health clinic today and was told that I have bronchitis/larengitis. Fun. Oh well. I got medicine with codene out of it. Ahah. I kid. (Well, I mean, I really did.)
I'm trying to get outlines typed for this midterm of doom thing that I have to do tonight. It consists of 4 essays that have to be at least 3 and 1/2 pages long... written in class. And, these are really hard questions! Ex...

· John Donne is considered a formative influence for both Cavalier poets and 17th century religious poets. Based on one or more of Donne’s poems, examine evidence for that influence in the poems of at least ONE Cavalier poet and ONE religious poet. Despite the extreme differences in theme, what does Donne’s influence contribute to both later “schools” of poetry?

Select one of Shakespeare’s sonnets read for class (#18, 29, 73, 116, 130, 138) and discuss how it functions as both a manifesto and a critique of cultural matters of Shakespeare’s day. Are his insights applicable in any way to our society, as well?

See? Death. I'm so ready for school to be over. You have no idea. Haha. I'm going to be a horrible teacher.
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Denise the Superstar
09 March 2009 @ 11:00 am
Well, I don't know whether or not to be happy that I got up at 8 am to do homework... that took me two hours to do. Now I have seven hours of nothing before class tonight. But, it could be worse. I could clean my room. But, no. Haha.
When I woke up this morning I couldn't talk. For some reason, I LOVE my voice when it's raspy (and going away) as long as I don't have a sore throat. I tend to get really chatty whenever that happens. (Not that I'm not usually annoying chatty.)
I should probably use my extra time today to look for another job. Mine's getting worse. Ugh. I was only scheduled to work four hours last week (of course, I was given a 10 and 1/2 hr shift sat because some of the girls wanted to go out.) And, It doesn't help that I've been getting less hours... and shopping more. But, money or not... it's worth it. Haha.
Eh, anyway. I'd write about something exciting... if I had anything to write about. But, alas.
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